Bat Removal Services


Removing the bats is only the 1st step in the process.  Once you get them out they will turn around and fly right back in unless you seal up the entry points on your home.  We give you a price to get the bats out and then keep them out! The bat removal part of this procedure, is handled in one of the following two ways:


This is hand removal from within the structure where they are roosting.  This is possible when we can get our eyes on the bats and we believe that if we chase them out that none will be left behind.  Example; if the bats are in a gable vent and we can confirm that the vent was not breached into the attic.  We can remove the bats easily. We do this in a manner where absolutely no bats are harmed in the process.



This is when there is a breach into the attic or we cannot see all of the bats so we have to give them the benefit that some might not be visible since they can hide in a crack the width of a pencil.  When we cannot see the bats it means we have to use bat valves to remove the bats.  Bat valves (one-way valves) allows the bats to leave but then, because of the design, denies them to reenter.  It is called a “ONE-WAY” valve, which is EXIT only.

When we use a one-way valve(s), it is a part of the exclusion process where we seal up the areas of concern on your home only leaving the current entry point.  We then put a valve up on the entry/exit point and we leave it up for at least one week.  This allows the whole colony to eventually leave and then we come back to take down the valve and seal up the exit point.  You are officially bat-free at this point.


FREE 2-year warranty with optional LIFETIME renewal!


bat proofing a home


Q) Can we seal up just the one area where the bats are instead of multiple entry points as suggested?

A) Bats are hyper-territorial.  If we only remove them from the current roosting area, commonly a gable vent, they will go right into the next one.  It is cheaper to just seal them all on one trip versus doing it one trip at a time.  It is inevitable you will have to have all of them sealed.

Q) What if there is thousands of bats?  What does that do to the price?

A) The price of the bat removal & bat exclusion is not dependent on the number of bats.  What the number of bats does affect is the price of guano removal. The more bats there are the higher the costs to remove it.

Q) My Handyman said he can just come at night and seal it up – isn’t that the same?

A) No! Absolutely NOT! Wildlife Technicians are licensed and trained to deal with wildlife.  Bats are quite elusive and it takes a trained eye to identify signs of entry or activity of bats.  Not all bats leave at night, some linger behind so if the exit gets sealed this means bats are now sealed in and left to die. Remember no bats can be harmed. It is the law.  We have had to remedy countless disasters when homeowners or contractors have tried to deal with bats on their own.  Also, what if your contractor gets bit during the process… can he sue you or your homeowners policy for the injury?

Q) I have bats, someone recommended a complete attic restoration. Is this necessary?

A) No! Seldom have we encountered an attic so soiled from wildlife (let alone bats) that we actually recommend the insulation to be completely removed and then new insulation installed.  Bats “poop” right below where they roost.  Most of the time it requires guano removal and dealing with the small area and not the entire attic.

Q) Am I safe staying in the house during the removal process?

A) Yes! We have never had to have a client stay outside the home while we do the removal process.  If there was ever a concern, we would tell you immediately.  Again, there has never been a concern in the past.





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