Bat Hand Catch & Bat Removal

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The bat removal service (hand removal) is a unique situation where a bat is flying around inside a home or office.  We suggest before you call that you do everything you can to isolate the bat to one room.  It will help reduce the search area and increase the chances of us locating and removing the unwanted guest.  The success of our bat removal services relies on the Wildlife Technician’s experience with bat behavior and common hiding spots.  We have over a decade of playing hide & go seek with bats.  They can be very elusive.

We want to put your mind at ease, the bat is not in your house with the intention of attacking you. It probably was in hot pursuit of an insect or a moth and happened to mistakenly come in an open door or window.  It wants out as much as you want it out.

Please note, whether or not we find it you still pay for our time & effort.  However, with that said we are good at what we do. 🙂

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Do you like having bats outside your home & want to do your part to help the species?  You could consider installing a bat house in your yard.  By hosting a colony of bats, you will cut down on the insects in your yard.  Bat Conservation International has a website that helps answer many questions regarding bats.


Once your bat house is constructed or purchased, it’s important to choose an area for installation that has the best chance of attracting bats. How and where you mount your new bat roost depends on the style and size of the bat house, average temperatures in your area in July, and certain other physical limitations. Bat houses can be mounted on wooden posts, steel poles, pivot poles, or on the sides of buildings, but should not be mounted on trees for three reasons:

  1. They receive less sun among the branches
  2. Bats in the house are more vulnerable to predators
  3. Obstructions in the form of branches and surrounding vegetation make it more difficult for bats to drop into flight.

Bats find houses mounted on poles or buildings in less than half the time it takes them to find tree-mounted roosts. We are providing a link to set up the POLE  & then to install the bat house on the pole or wooden post.  Bat houses mounted under the eaves on wood or stone buildings, but still exposed to the sun, tend to be better protected from rain and predators and have been especially successful. Bat houses should be mounted in an area that gets 6-8 hours of direct sunlight (facing either East or South).


Any questions give us a call!