Bat Guano Clean-up


Bat Guano in attic in Cumming Georgia
This is an average pile of bat guano

We highly recommend that guano removal is left to professionals.  We do not like to use scare tactics to gain business – but what I do want to do is to emphasize the importance of what you do with household items that have come in contact with bat guano…. throw it away.  Meaning if you have been sweeping up guano with a household broom, either mark it to where it will NEVER be brought indoors, or throw it away.  Any towels and brooms are now disposable.  Do not allow the items that have touched guano to become a part of your laundry or used again inside.

There are several diseases & parasites which can be spread through improper exposure or removal of bat guano.  We use HEPA filtration and industrial-strength disinfectant to clean up after the guano has been removed.  Guano clean-up is not always necessary it just depends on the location and amount.  Not only is guano a health concern (if exposed) but it is also extremely destructive to the integrity of wood let alone anything else it comes in contact with.  The guano cleanup process  involves two steps:

guano cleanup SAFE REMOVAL

When we remove the guano our goal is to keep it from going airborne in the process.  Although time-consuming, we gently remove the guano using HEPA filtration and bag it using the highest grade professional strength bags available.

guano removalSANITIZING

We use hospital-grade anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-viral spray designed for animal waste and by-products.  Either as a separate application or a combined formula, we use professional-strength deodorizers to neutralize odors from the bat guano.

madison guano clean-up

We have shared a couple of videos from our YouTube Channel regarding guano removal.  Please understand the conditions that the Wildlife Techs are being subjected to: immense heat (185 degrees in the attic on this day), soaking wet and trying to stay balanced in an attic while getting me pictures and videos.



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