Bat Protection Status

Bats are Federally protected. I know we say this again & again.  They are NOT protected because the Government wants to boss us around and tell us what to do with our own property.  However, the Human race and planet Earth need bats to stick around.  Right now the bat population is being decimated by a disease called white nose syndrome.  So… we have to morally and ethically do everything we can to save the bats.

If bats are causing proven health issues or serious damage a maternity ward can delicately be breached.  The bats must be hand removed and placed carefully in a temporary roost until the flightless babies can fly.  This is rarely done.  But we have received special permission in the past from the Georgia DNR to allow us to do this.

Maternity Season in Georgia

The maternity season is from May 1st – August 15th.  During this time is simply complicates the process and possibly adds time to the removal process.  Let me explain this in simple terms:

Non-Maternity Bat Removal Process:

  1. Hand remove bats and seal up the entry = bat free. (One trip)
  2. If we cannot hand removed then we have to use a one-way valve.  One-way valves allow the bats to leave and prohibits them from gaining access again. We install the custom valve and wait a week, come back remove the valve and seal up the entry = bat free. (Two trips)

Maternity Season Bat Removal Process:

  1. Verify maternity ward or bachelor pad.  If you cannot visually verify you must assume maternity ward.
  2. If bachelor pad, follow steps as if it is not maternity ward. (One or two trips)
  3. If maternity ward then we can only seal up the areas they are not using so they do not move around and make a bigger mess and then come back after August 15th and do the steps above for Non-Maternity season. (Three trips)

If a Wildlife Control company comes out and offers to seal up your gables or the access point without being able to see the bats… don’t walk but RUN!!! Not only could there be a heafty fine but what are you going to do with all of the dead bats now stinking up your attic?  It is illegal!


Any questions give us a call!