Bat Proofing

Bats are extremely beneficial to the environment and because of the fact that they eat thousands of insects an hour…  We need them to stick around.  But we still have control over whether or not they are allowed to live in our home.  If you are worried about evicting them just know that bats are super territorial so they will stay in the area even after we evict them from your home.

Bat proofing is the act of sealing up the home (exclusion services) so the bats cannot regain entry. The only way to remove bats from a home or building is to seal it up.  Removing the bats requires either manual removal or the use of a one-way bat valve in conjunction with sealing up the home.   See: Bat Removal.

We use a combination of galvanized metals & stainless steel to achieve the goal of keeping the bats out while maintaining aesthetics. Knowing what it takes to keep them out and the quality of our exclusion materials enables us to offer a FREE 2-year warranty with optional LIFETIME renewal!.  That is how confident we are in our services.

When we seal up your home we take into consideration the following:



That your home is on “LOCK DOWN” from bats entering and roosting inside your home.


That our work looks good while maintaining it’s purpose of keeping critters out.

Here are some pictures showing just an example of possible bat entry points.

bat entry

bat entry points




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