Bat Hand Removal

This is only done when a bat is inside the actual living quarters.  We will come out and search for up to a half hour.  We will do our best to locate the bat and hand remove it.  We will also at the same time take a quick peek inside your attic to see if the bat colony is living in the gable vent.  Most of the time when a bat makes it indoors, it was merely by accident probably in hot pursuit of a moth or bug and came through an opened door or window.

Bats are typically not aggressive.  They want out as must as you want them out.  When a situation occurs where you have a bat flying around the house please limit it to a specific area by shutting the doors to the room (if possible and place a towel tightly under the door.  When we come out we want to be able to find the bat and this will help us narrow down the search area.


Any questions give us a call!